“The Coronavirus Pandemic and Critical ICT Infrastructure” 

November 28 – 30, 2020, Tbilisi, GEORGIA  


Invitation from the General Chairman 

Dear colleagues, ladies and gentlemen,

The International Event Organizer Company AMIR Technical Services (GEORGIA) – as a well-known initiator, organizer and sponsor of the Eurasian conferences of the “Risk minimization” series (RISK-2019; RISK-2020: www.eurasianrisk2020.ge ), noting the importance and relevance of new tasks in developing a risk-based approach in medicine, puts forward the initiative to organize the First Eurasian Conference "CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC AND CRITICAL ICT INFRASTRUCTURE", which will be held on October 28 - 30, 2020, in Tbilisi, Georgia. 

International Event Organizer Company AMIR Technical Services LLC is member of the Association of World Conference Alerts. 

The new strain of coronavirus - COVID-19 - shocked the whole world and turned into a global pandemic. 

The Coronavirus disease pandemic represents an unprecedented challenge for healthcare systems internationally. Every day, the World Health Organization reports a lot of confirmed infected cases and deaths. The disease has been identified as highly infectious, causing a range of symptoms from asymptomatic infection to respiratory failure or death. The disease appears to be particularly severe in the elderly and those with underlying health conditions.

While the world is struggling with COVID-19, the ICT industry seeks to play a constructive role in combating the spread of the virus. Technology companies are providing new tools and resources, and medicine is changing dramatically during this critical period. 

Telemedicine, combined with the widespread use of ICT infrastructure, has been acknowledged as a breakthrough technology in combating epidemics. Combining the functions of online conversation and real-time clinical data exchange, telemedicine and ICT infrastructure can provide technical support to the emerging need for workflow digitalization. When facing the rapid spread of an epidemic, the ability to deliver clinical care in a timely manner requires effective relational coordination mechanisms amongst government authorities, hospitals, and patients. 

This raises the question: How can telemedicine systems combined with the ICT infrastructure operate in a coordinated manner to deliver effective care to patients with COVID-19 and to combat the crisis outbreak? 

Healthcare systems have had to adapt rapidly to the evolving situation for three main reasons: firstly, there is a need to triage and treat large numbers of patients with respiratory illness; secondly, there is a need to protect the healthcare workforce to ensure they are able to treat the sick; and thirdly we need to shield the elderly and most vulnerable from becoming infected. 

This triumvirate of aims requires rapid and wide reaching innovation, in order to implement successful strategies to hopefully, in time, overcome the COVID-19 pandemic. This drive for innovative working will approach in remarkable advances in the use of digital health combined with the widespread use of ICT infrastructure.

The main objectives of the conference are: 

  • to discover technological trends that can help build a resilient society in the face of the risk of the COVID-19 pandemic and other similar threats;
  • to integrate the efforts of medical scientists and ICT engineers, and provide them with the opportunity to exchange information, ideas and innovative solutions to minimize the risks of infection and reduce mortality from COVID-19, on the Eurasian continent;
  • to promote to the strengthening the working capacity of critical socio-technical infrastructures in times of quarantine; 

We admire the heroism of doctors and all medical personnel. 

However, ICT infrastructures are designed to facilitate the work, ensure uninterrupted data exchange and help in the speedy resolution of the global pandemic. 

Given this circumstance, we propose to discuss a wide range of topics. 

We call all interested parties to actively participate in the conference, share experience and knowledge, and contribute to the common cause of sustainable development of the Eurasian continent in the face of the risk of the coronavirus pandemic. 

It is symbolic that we will meet in Georgia, the land famous for its ancient traditions of hospitality, a beautiful old country at the junction of Europe and Asia that always leaves unforgettable impressions and touches the heart of everyone who has ever visited it. 

We wish the Conference success and fruitful work and new scientific achievements to all participants! 

Prof.Dr. Vugar Aliyev

Chair of the Organizing Committee


International Event Organizer Company

AMIR Technical Services LLC (GEORGIA)


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